You must pass your days in song.
Let your whole life be a song.


Inspired by the visionary  field recordings of Alan Lomax and the direct cinema of the late '60s, we hit the road all over the Pacific Northwest recording artists at festivals, in hotel rooms, back alleys,  and on front porches creating new field recordings in the folk tradition.  50 feet of super 8 film measures out to about 3 minutes of record time. This 3 minutes also mirrors the standard length of a song, a convention left over from the physical limitations of 78rpm records.  It's within these confines that we set out to record original sessions of the songs of our time. We also believe that behind every good song is an even better story. In addition to shooting sessions, we are deeply interested in the personal narrative that surrounds the craft and reveals to us the beating heart behind the song. 


Max McSimov

Stacy Amundson

Anna Markle